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Start generating and converting real estate leads in the #First5Minutes.

We build state-of-the-art personalized digital experiences to generate real estate leads and convert them into meaningful appointments. 

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The Hendriks Team Closed 6 Firm Deals in the First 60 Days with Realty Conversion

Pierre had his appointment rate doubled working with Realty Conversion.

Alex has consistently received qualified buyer & seller appointments each month.

See How We Follow Up with Real Estate Leads

We'll contact all new leads within 5 minutes of registration.


Only meet qualified leads that are ready to buy/sell in 0-3 months.

Meet Qualified Leads

It Starts With Hello!

We start with a phone call and qualify
your leads with a journey of personal calls, emails and text messages.

More than 11 years of experience in scripting and training Inside Sales Agents

Refined Calling Scripts

You're 21x more likely to convert a lead in the First 5 Minutes. We call them while they're still browsing

The #First5Minutes

We focus on earning your business every single day and don’t lock you into exhausting annual contracts

No Contracts

Dedicated LCEs allow leads to build a real relationship with your brand, while integrating into your team

Dedicated Associate

Start Generating Qualified Real Estate Leads 

When the Market's Hot,


We've spent the last 11 years proudly partnering with North America's Top 100 real estate teams and brokerages. Now you can leverage a proven system of lead generation and qualification for agents, teams and brokerages across North America at a fraction of the cost. 

Lead Conversion Experts

Your Lead Conversion Expert (LCE) integrates into your Team, Lead Pool and CRM

Dynamic Marketing Journeys

Our marketing journeys adapt to every lead's behaviour. Every Click, Open and Reply

Lights... Leads... Action!

We provide coverage across Canada & the US while operating out of our office at Cambridge, Ontario, a few minutes from Kitchener-Waterloo.

It's important that your leads can build a real relationship with your brand. 

So we NEVER outsource any Realty Conversion sales or marketing internationally. 

We want to be your marketing partner.

Start with a branding call to explore your brand and chat about your real estate business.

Our Paid Search (PPC) experts manage your Google Ads spend to generate leads on your websites. 

Personalized Marketing Journeys & Content

Full Google Ads
(PPC) Management

Customized IDX Website & Pages

Leverage an IDX powered website to provide your clients and leads with Live MLS search results. 

We've worked with Realtors across North America. 

Discover how Realty Conversion grows your business.

"We love what you've been doing... You've been awesome... You've really closed a lot of business for us."

Kenneth Yim

Broker of Record

Keller Williams 

Let's talk about generating qualified real estate leads for your business.

RC Tip #28: Be Yourself! Customers are increasingly skeptical of brokers that don't sound genuine. If you are your brand, make sure that comes across!

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