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Why Realty Conversion?
Amazing things are happening at Realty Conversion. Our organization is going through an exciting business transformation and period of growth which means we need self-starters that are passionate about building something meaningful and driven to succeed.

We are Canada’s leading appointment generation company in the real estate market. Realty Conversion is a growing start-up organization that specializes in turning real estate leads into appointments through a fixed cost model. We provide agents with the cost-effective solutions they need to turn leads into listings.

None of our success would be possible without our small but exceptionally dedicated team. Each member of our team helps build upon an inclusive culture and something meaningful.

Realty Conversion will challenge you to acquire more expertise in real estate. You will be held to the highest level of integrity and will be expected to work with a sense of urgency and a high standard of excellence. You will be part of something that matters that you contribute to directly.


We are committed to helping our clients take their business to the next level by allowing them focus on what they do best, closing deals.



  • Preparation – Always showing up prepared, on time and ready for a productive day.
  • Positive energy – “He who says he can and he who says he can’t are both usually right.”
  • Family Oriented – Understanding that we operate and function as a giant family. We all embrace the good and bad together!
  • Work Ethic – We work every hour like our business depends on it, a consistent and collaborative work ethic is unstoppable.
  • Professional Growth – It is an absolute must that you continue to educate yourself on how to work better, faster and smarter
  • Purpose – Aligning your projects and working hours to your role’s sole purpose is imperative in being the “right” busy.
  • Expecting to succeed- “Want shows up in conversation, expectation shows up in behavior”
  • Initiative – Going out of your ways to think strategically, finding opportunities to better your role or the company
  • Health Conscious – “You are what you eat” We all need to feel good to do good!
  • Hungry! – Motivation is temporary, drive and hunger are permanent. Hunger is when you are obsessed with your craft!


What We Offer

Realty Conversion is Canada’s fastest-growing and leading appointment generation organization, providing a low-cost fixed model to our clients, to help agents focus on what they do best, close business. Our sustainable business model and competitive advantage in our field allow us to offer many opportunities for personal and professional growth within and outside of our organization. Our goal is to build on the success we have had, and create exciting new opportunities for our employees as well as continue to provide outstanding levels of service to our clients.

Realty Conversion provides:

  • Competitive compensation
  • Comprehensive training and mentor program
  • Performance-based incentive programs
  • Opportunities to further educate and gain useful knowledge and skills
  • A chance to build something meaningful and have your contributions recognized


Professional development

It is the mission of Realty Conversion to promote our value for education and growth opportunities and assisting employees in achieving their goals through ongoing development and training.

Realty Conversion recognizes the significance of having professional and personal development opportunities and the benefits mutually shared by employers and employees and considers these types of development necessary to build a strong future for all stakeholders.

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