How To Call Real Estate Leads?

When it comes to converting real estate leads to appointments, there are two key factors that play a huge part in converting leads to appointments, action plan(series of calls and texts) and quality of conversation/ISA.

At Realty conversion, our team has more than 11 years of experience in calling real estate leads, understanding their needs and communicating the relevant message to connect both the customer and our Realtor at the most ideal time.

Our team has the knowledge and experience to deal with every case whether the leads are looking into: 

Buying a house

Selling a house 

Buying a condo 

Selling a condo 

Renting a house 

Renting a condo 

Experts in all Geographies across Canada and the US, located in both major cities and small towns like Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles, Niagara Falls, Vancouver, etc. 

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