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Online Lead vs Qualified Leads

Sending Text Messages to Clients

How Do You Start the #First5Minutes of Your Day?

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More than 11 years of experience in scripting and training Inside Sales Agents

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The #First5Minutes

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We've spent the last 11 years proudly partnering with North America's Top 100 real estate teams and brokerages. Now you can leverage a proven system of lead generation and qualification for agents, teams and brokerages across North America at a fraction of the cost. 

Lead Conversion Experts

Your Lead Conversion Expert (LCE) integrates into your Team, Lead Pool and CRM

Dynamic Marketing Journeys

Our marketing journeys adapt to every lead's behaviour. Every Click, Open and Reply


RC Tip #28: Be Yourself! Customers are increasingly skeptical of brokers that don't sound genuine. If you are your brand, make sure that comes across!

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